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Hiring or Buying Construction Machinery – What is best for you?

Hiring or buying plant machinery

Whether you are just starting out in a new business venture, or just unsure on the best option for you, we are here to help. We have put together a guide on the advantages of buying or hiring machinery. Lucky for you, BuyADigger is part of H.E. Group, which also owns a Plant Hire company, so whichever option you decide to go with we have you covered.

Dependent on your situation, you will need construction machinery available straight away if you have a fleet and upcoming projects waiting, making hiring better for you, but if you are just starting out or need machinery for your own personal needs then potentially you would think about buying machinery, especially for anything long term. Both options have their advantages, with each being suitable for different situations but it’s important to know which is best for your own circumstances.

At BuyADigger we have a range of Dumpers, Rollers, Telehandlers and Excavators available for sale, as well as some attachments. We do have a sister company, Masterhitch that are available to custom make any attachments too, which cuts out the limitation of equipment and attachments available.

Benefits of Buying Plant Machinery

• When you choose to purchase used machinery, you have the choice to use the machinery as and when you need it, as it is always on hand.

• If you are hiring a machine for your fleet, you can’t always guarantee that it will be available for a specific construction project, whereas if you own the machine you can ensure it is available.

• If buying machinery for your fleet, your employees will be able to familiarise themselves and learn a specific make of machine instead of having to spend time learning different makes of machinery.

• It is always beneficial to work out the cost of long term hire for projects, however if you own the machinery, it can work out a lot cheaper!

• When buying used machinery, you would normally have to organise transportation of the machine to your chosen destination, but here at BuyADigger to ease the stress of organising, we can sort out delivery for you.

Benefits of Hiring Plant Machinery

• Hiring is a cheaper option than buying used plant machinery, but this would be dependent on how long you would be acquiring the machinery for.

• When you hire out machinery you won’t have the worry of organising the delivery to the required site, and if it breaks down you can simply contact the hire company to fix it.

• Hiring plant is flexible, you can take out machinery as and when you need it, and what type of machinery you need.

As mentioned previously, whether you choose to hire or buy, BuyADigger can help you. We have a large stock of various machinery and makes, and we can help with international or inland delivery to the UK. If you do decide to hire, contact H.E. Services (Plant Hire) our sister company. Get in touch and speak to our sales team today.

The BuyADigger Team

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Can BuyADigger offer delivery?

Construction Machinery Buying Advice

At BuyADigger, we don’t just end our services when you purchase from us. We do like to go the extra mile, and offer the option for transportation of your newly purchase machinery to your chosen destination, if needed of course!

Whether you are a UK based company, or an independent buyer purchasing internationally, we have got you covered. We can take care of all of your shipping needs and requirements. We work closely with specialised shipping companies to allow us to offer international delivery. Being a UK based company we have delivered equipment to the likes of: Iceland, Kenya, Ontario and many other places. You can view the full map to find out if we have delivered to a location near you, and if not, then we would love to make it happen.

We only work with the most trusted and professional companies, who have years of experience in the construction industry, as well as shipping heavy construction machinery, to give you peace of mind that your purchased machinery will arrive in the exact condition, as when you purchased it. These companies are located within the UK, USA and Europe which gives them scope nationally and internationally. We also offer shipping by Sea-freight using RoRo, LoLo and shipping by containers, as well as in-land haulage.

BuyADigger are part of H.E. Services, that also have a Plant Hire company, as well as a Transport Services department. For deliveries within the UK we can offer the use of our own national fleet of low-loaders and beaver-tail trucks. Due to the nature of national hire, our dedicated staff are experts in preparing, dismantling and securing machinery onto transport for shipment to locations. We also have the capacity to move machinery up to 60 tons.

We are happy to help any way we can, if you are thinking of purchasing your next machine from us, and are not sure about how you are planning on transporting the machine, then contact us today. Alternatively, you can request a quote for delivery at: with details of what machine you are looking to purchase and the delivery destination.

The BuyADigger Team

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How to ensure you are being time-effective when dealing with Plant Sales

Being time-effective with plant sales

When it comes to purchasing used construction machinery, often buyers and sellers never realise how much time it takes from looking into the machinery, until the sale eventually gets confirmed and accepted. We thought it may be useful to give an insight into both sides of a sale and how you could save yourself and the seller valuable time! When thinking about selling a machine, there are questions that need to be asked to make the most out of the sellers time. The salesperson should ask the following questions to ensure they are dealing with genuinely interested buyers.

As the dealer, are you dealing directly with the buyer making the decision?

When dealing with buyers, often someone else will attend on behalf of a manager for example. The seller will then have to go back and forth with the individual, potentially chasing up decisions. Dependent on how much you trust the individual to follow through with the sale, the seller will dedicate a lot of time on the buyer, which may then turn out to be a waste of time.

Does the buyer have a budget?

Typically a buyer will know what sort of construction machinery that they want to purchase and the budget they have to spend, but this is not always the case. If a buyer fails to give you any indication of the available budget, a follow up question will help to understand, something along the lines of:

"Based on what we've discussed, a JCB 3CX would be in the range of £45,000 - £49,000 for this particular year and model".

Generally asking a question like this will reveal how the buyer feels about the price and whether they are serious about buying machinery.

What is the buyer's time frame for making a decision?

We know that decisions can't be made over night, but keeping a seller waiting for a decision, when he/she have spent a lot of time preparing documents, the plant machinery and getting everything ready for a potential sale isn't great. How frustrating would it be for you to invest hours into a sale only to find out the buyer won't be making a decision for another 6 months or possibly at all? It is vital to establish a time frame in the early stages of the sales process.

In conclusion, if both the buyer and seller follow this guide, and provide all the necessary information and documents in a timely manner, and the seller invests time in the right buyer, it will always pay off!

The BuyADigger Team

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Advice for Buying Plant Machinery

Construction Machinery Buying Advice

Finding a specific product on the internet sounds straight forward right? Type the name of what you are looking for into a search engine, click go and it is all right there... Well not quite. The problem is the modern world of online search engines is everyone is competing to be in your results list, regardless of whether what appears is in fact what you are looking to purchase.


Use the internet to research what is currently available from a range of reputable plant machinery dealers. By using an online marketplace such as, where you will be able to compare whats on offer from hundreds of dealers. Research the market and compare prices so you know the price you’re paying is a fair one. But be aware! It is common for criminals to advertise machinery at “just below market value” to make it sound attractive to buyers, but not so low as to arouse suspicion.

Seller Reputation

It is always advisable to ensure that the person from whom you are buying, is a genuine and reputable seller. Simple research either from acquaintances, other plant dealers or online searches will give you a good idea as to their business dealings.

Making Contact with the Seller

Prior to contacting the seller, have a list of questions ready to ask, this will help you to determine the suitability of the plant machinery on offer and avoid time wasting later on. In particular, know your budget and the market price.

View the Plant Machinery

If possible, always make an appointment to view the plant machinery before making an offer to purchase or more importantly before parting with your money. Meeting the dealer and checking the mechanical soundness of the plant machinery is the most crucial part of the transaction.
If you are not knowledgeable of the mechanics of plant and construction equipment then take someone with you who is. Any reputable dealer would expect you to investigate the mechanical soundness of the machinery in question and should not have any objections – if they do then you need to ask yourself why.
If you cannot make it to the dealer, perhaps the plant machinery is in a different country, ask them to send you video footage of the vehicle with sound so that you can hear the machine running. Ask for photographs as well.


You should consider how you will transport the machinery before making an offer – costs for transporting heavy machinery can be high especially if there is some distance involved. There are numerous companies providing transportation for plant machinery who will be happy to provide a quotation. It may be that the seller can provide transportation and the price being offered may already include this, if not then perhaps it can be negotiated into the price – an important question which needs to be considered prior to sealing the deal!

Outstanding Finance

Ensure that there is no outstanding finance on the machinery – if there is the seller will need to ensure this is repaid.

Making an Offer

Don’t be afraid to haggle to get a good price, the Seller will obviously be looking for the best price possible for their plant equipment but there is usually a little room for negotiation, just remember to be realistic.

Precautionary Notes

Always be cautious with heavy plant and construction equipment that is priced well below its market value, if something looks too good to be true it generally is!
Check that the stamped in serial/chassis number and VIN plate is intact and complete, and make certain that it has not been tampered or interfered with?

Never pay or transfer money in advance

Be suspicious if the seller is claiming to be in your country but the machinery is in another.
Be careful if the seller has given an incorrect landline or contact number, they could be trying to hide their contact details.

Be careful when receiving/dealing with delivery or transfer certificates, if you have been provided a copy, then phone the company on the documentation to confirm the authenticity. If they have not provided a copy, ask for one. If you are unable to make confirmations then chances are there is no machinery.

These notes are not exhaustive, there are many methods that criminals will use to extort money from innocent parties. Conducting thorough research and using good business acumen should assist in you in making the right decision. Remember if you have any doubts then don’t take any risks!

The BuyADigger Team

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BuyADigger Blog

The Easy Life

Why you should consider buying from BuyADigger Used Plant Sales:

Diggerland Machines For Sale is the sales arm of H.E. Services Plant Hire Company. H. E. Services are the UK’s largest specialist excavator hire company, boasting a fleet of over 3,500 items of the latest plant equipment. H.E. Services replaces its machines every three years, transferring the machines over to BuyADigger to sell to the international market when this three year period has expired.

Diggerland - The easy life:

Diggerland is a UK based Theme Park Experience where children and adults can ride, drive and operate REAL diggers, dumpers and other full-size construction machinery. Diggerland’s Adventure Parks first opened its doors in April 2000 and was the brainchild of Hugh Edeleanu, Chairman of H. E. Services. Diggerland Parks each feature over 20 rides and over 100 brand new Mini, Midi and Tracked Excavators. After around three years working in the parks, the machinery, much like the H.E. Services hire machines, are transferred over to BuyADigger to be sold on.

These machines are truly unique in terms of their superb condition, having never done a real days work in their lives. Having accumulated an average of just 1000 hours of very light use, these machines are as close to new as you will likely find anywhere in the industry.

Full-Service History

Every BuyADigger machine that has come from the H.E. Services fleet, or is an ex-Diggerland machine, is fully serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals and we can provide a full-service record upon request. BuyADigger also has its very own team of qualified mechanics and engineers on hand to make sure that every piece of equipment we sell is safe and reliable.

Why choose BuyADigger?

Buying equipment from is never a gamble due to the fact that the equipment we provide is truly unique in terms of having very little wear and having never visited a building site.

Visit the website today to see what machines we have in stock or get in touch with us by phone or email. We will respond to your enquiries as quickly as possible and answer any queries as fully as we can.

The BuyADigger Team

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