The Evolution of the JCB 3CX


Electric Diggers: The Future of Construction Sites?

The construction industry is embracing sustainability as concerns over environmental impact and carbon emissions continue [...]

3D Printing and The Construction Industry – Will It Affect Plant Machinery Sales?

The construction industry is constantly seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. One [...]

Celebrating Women in Construction


Why Should You Buy A Midi Digger?


Buy a Telehandler for Agricultural Use


Love Tech? Buy a Komatsu!


Scarily Good Used Construction Machinery

Considering upgrading your fleet of machines? Looking at used excavators for sale? There are many [...]

Buy A Dumper – Use It Safely


Used Excavators for Sale at BuyADigger

Considering upgrading your fleet of machines? Looking at used excavators for sale? There are many [...]

How To Make Your Construction Site More Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that the construction industry accounts for 38% of CO2 emissions? It’s not [...]

How does the drop in the GB pound affect buying used construction machinery?

On Monday 26th September it was announced that the British pound has dropped in value [...]

The Uses Of Heavy Construction Machinery, And Why We Should Be Investing

Recently the market size for heavy construction machinery was valued at $176.2 billion in 2020, [...]

Buy An Excavator – The Limitless Capabilities Of A Digger!

Are you looking to buy an excavator for construction purposes? With various sizes, brands and [...]

Explore Our Range of Komatsu Diggers For Sale at BuyADigger

Are you looking for excavators, telehandlers or site dumpers? Well, you’ve come to the right [...]

Komatsu PC138 By Name – Hard Working By Nature

The Komatsu PC138 is a versatile machine that can do big jobs in smaller and [...]

Buy A JCB – The JCB Rotating Telehandler

The world’s number one telehandler manufacturer is extending its range, yes you guessed it, JCB. [...]

Equality In The Construction Industry

In recent years, there has certainly been a prominent shift within the construction industry when [...]

The Future Of Backhoe Loaders And Why Should You Buy A JCB

The construction market has witnessed both lows and highs throughout the last couple of years. [...]

Fuelling Diggers – The Future of the Industry

The 1st of April 2022 saw the implementation of the ban on red diesel in [...]

The Role of a Mini Digger

Given the popularity of a mini digger, the cost and also the availability of this [...]

Strong Demand For Used Plant Equipment In Europe

The demand for used plant equipment is still growing and is expected to keep increasing [...]

Existing Diesel Legislation Abolished for Construction Machinery On Sites

Following on from an increase in living prices, and diesel costs skyrocketing, new diesel legislation [...]

Why Choose Used Plant Equipment?

Are you looking to expand your plant fleet? There are many important factors to take [...]

Buy a JCB VS Caterpillar Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loaders are robust machines perfect for farming, construction, demolition and even landscaping projects. With [...]

Used digger equipment prices rise to almost the same as new plant machinery!

2022 has been a fantastic year so far for the construction industry. Companies have managed [...]

Shortage of building supplies and construction machinery in the UK

Not only has COVID introduced a worldwide pandemic for the past couple of years, it [...]

The history of the Backhoe Loader and how the JCB 3CX has climbed the ranks!

Backhoe loaders have been present in the construction industry for over 60 years, but when [...]

Will 2022 be the year to buy used construction machinery?

As the end of another year draws closer, we want to take the time to [...]

The best used plant equipment for civil engineering!

Civil engineering involves the design, construction and maintenance of public projects. This includes roads, bridges, [...]

Buy an Excavator – Komatsu vs Kubota

Are you looking to buy an excavator? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect mini digger [...]

Buy a Mini Digger – The Komatsu PC26

The Mini Digger With Big Capability If you are looking to buy a mini digger, [...]

What plant machinery is needed to demolish a building?

As much as you may believe buildings are robust structures, they always come with a [...]

Could hydrogen and electric diggers replace diesel?

With the Climate Change Conference (COP26) fast approaching, the UK Government has just invested £620 [...]

Used plant equipment commonly used in home renovations

As home renovations are becoming increasingly popular, it is important to see what used plant [...]

5 things to look for when buying used excavators

Are you purchasing a used excavator? If you haven’t bought a used machine in the [...]

Tracked excavators – Do you know how to maintain the undercarriage?

This week’s blog post is focusing on tracked excavators, and how the undercarriage should be [...]

Diggers for sale as Diggerland Devon closes

Welcome back to our latest Digger News post, here at BuyADigger! This week our focus [...]

Are you starting a construction project? Here’s plant machinery safety 101!

When starting a construction project, it can feel like there’s a million different things to [...]

What to consider if you want to buy a telehandler for sale?

As the construction industry seems to be getting busier as the months go on, we [...]

How will the restriction changes affect BuyADigger?

From Monday 19th July, all remaining covid-19 restrictions were lifted in England. For companies that [...]

JCB presented ‘Environmental Award’ for all-electric teletruk – A turning point for plant machinery?

JCB has been presented with a top award for the environmental benefits of their brand [...]

Skanska powers construction machinery with alternative fuel | BuyADigger

Electric diggers and other alternatively powered construction machinery is becoming increasingly popular within the industry. [...]

Looking to buy a Komatsu? Check out the new Komatsu PC360 LCi-11

When it comes to buying used construction machinery for your plant fleet, there’s only one [...]

A guide to moving heavy plant machinery

Moving heavy plant machinery can be a dangerous and complex job if it is not [...]

Inside the cab of a JCB 3CX


How is the housing market changing and why you need to buy more plant machinery

The worldwide pandemic may have stopped most other sectors from operating, but certainly not construction. [...]

Telehandlers for sale – Which one should I buy?

When it comes to construction machinery, companies should think carefully about the machines they use [...]

Using electric plant equipment on a construction site

In recent construction news, Volvo Group has announced that delivery of their electric plant equipment [...]

Buying Used Plant Equipment? What Should You Consider When It Comes To Shipping

Selecting which types of used plant equipment needed is always a hard task, but then [...]

Inside The Cab Of A Hydrema Dump Truck


Komatsu Electric Diggers – Coming Soon To The Market

In a world full of evolving technology and projects, electric cars are not the only [...]

Plant machinery for sale – How have Plant sales been affected by COVID?

We all thought 2021 would be different to 2020, but we are remaining optimistic! 2020 [...]

You Want To Buy A Komatsu Mini Digger, But Which One?

So you want to buy a Komatsu Mini Digger, but which one is going to [...]

Which Used Excavators Are Best?


Electric Skidsteer Loaders

Electric Construction Machinery Electric construction machinery has the hit the news a fair bit recently. [...]

AI in the construction industry


New government Help to Buy scheme – Have you got enough construction machinery for your fleet?

Construction is one of the most needed industries right now, even during a pandemic. We [...]

Buying a used excavator for sale – What about accompanying excavator attachments?

So you’re thinking of buying a used excavator for sale, but have you thought about [...]

Using drones alongside construction machinery

The innovative idea of using technology for construction projects has recently grown in popularity. In [...]

Electric Plant Equipment – The all new Volvo Construction Trucks

October has seen the testing of electric trucks produced by Volvo for the construction industry. [...]

Komatsu diggers for sale – Take advantage of our special offer!

With the world still battling a global pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly hard for businesses to [...]

Looking to buy a JCB? – JCB expands with electric dumpster model

With new construction machinery being produced every year, we wanted to highlight an exciting new [...]

Operating plant equipment? Health and Safety tips for a construction site

Currently, the construction sector is one of the biggest work sectors in the UK. Employing [...]

Komatsu unveil first of new backhoe series

If you haven’t heard already, Komatsu have released new additions to their fleet. If you’re [...]

Plant equipment for farming and agriculture

Farming and agriculture is all around us, and we rely on it, especially now more [...]

Buy a road roller – Bomag VS Ammann rollers

With many brands of rollers now available on the market, which one would you pick? [...]

The Construction industry joins forces with the transport industry

In the latest bid to save the environment, the construction industry has recently joined forces [...]

Tracked excavators for sale – Why should you buy a Komatsu PC138?

Tracked excavators are currently dominating the construction industry, and making up the largest volume of [...]

What to check for when you buy a Komatsu

So you want to buy a Komatsu digger? You are probably thinking to yourself, “what [...]

Why should you choose buying construction machinery over hiring?

Being able to carry out any form of construction work depends on the plant machinery [...]

Buy a mini digger and view our garden inspiration ideas

During the Coronavirus lockdown we found ourselves getting creative and discovering hobbies that we never [...]

Latest Government announcement – Using plant equipment for new build houses

Monday 23rd March marks the day that everything around the UK including construction, came crashing [...]

Telehandlers: JCB vs Manitou

Telehandlers are an important piece of construction machinery. They can be found operating on most [...]

Second Hand Diggers – CAT VS Komatsu

Do you require construction machinery for your fleet, but you’re not sure which brand of [...]

Delivering Used Plant Machinery for Sale to the Global Market

Purchasing reliable used plant machinery for sale within the global market is only the beginning. [...]

3 Unique Reasons to Buy A Telehandler

Welcome to the latest post about used telehandlers for sale, and unique ways to incorporate [...]

What to consider when you buy a used Ammann Roller

Welcome to the complete guide for what to consider when you buy a used Ammann [...]

What is a Phytosanitary Certificate and how does it affect used construction machinery?

Here at BuyADigger, we have a range of used construction machinery available for sale. Although [...]

Top tips for Buying Used Plant Machinery

Buying used plant machinery can be daunting when doing it for the first time. Even [...]

Big diggers for sale and are they better?

The world of construction is constantly improving, with the help of recent technology breakthroughs such [...]

Looking to buy a mini digger?

Mini, Midi, Tracked or Wheeled, which would you pick? With so much variety on the [...]

Why would you use a Hydrema Dump Truck?

With the new year approaching, companies might be thinking of making huge changes to existing [...]

Top Tips for using your Construction Machinery in the Winter

It’s almost that time of year again when the UK halts to a stop, and [...]

Top Manufacturers of Used Construction Machinery

The construction machinery market is controlled by a handful of some of the most well [...]

Why Should You Buy Long Reach Excavators?

When it comes to purchasing used digger equipment, long reach excavators should be at the [...]

Wheeled Excavators for Sale, and Why You Should Buy One.

Welcome to the latest Digger News post, here at BuyADigger. This week, our focus is [...]

Why Buy A Komatsu PC138 Machine

When asking yourself the question, ‘Why Buy A Komatsu PC138 Machine?’, there is much to [...]

How to look after and prolong the life of your digger

So, you want to know how to look after and prolong the life of your [...]

Steel tracks VS Roadliners pads

Are you new to the construction industry, or looking to buy used construction machinery but [...]

The Future of Diggers

With huge environmental pressures and the government currently encouraging motorists to make the switch from [...]

Caterpillar VS. JCB Skid Steers

When it comes to selecting plant equipment for your fleet or a construction project, it [...]


What Construction Machinery can be used for Demolition?

Here at BuyADigger, we offer a range of different used construction machinery to cater to a [...]

Buy a mini digger in the UK & other machinery

Welcome back to our latest Digger News post, here at BuyADigger. This week we are [...]

Should you buy Yanmar used construction machinery?

Welcome back to BuyADigger’s digger news post! This week we are focusing on the Yanmar [...]

Should you buy a Komatsu Digger?

Welcome back to this week’s latest digger news post! We’re focusing on Komatsu diggers and [...]

Why Buy A Tracked Excavator?

Welcome back to our latest Digger News post, here at BuyADigger. This week our focus [...]

Why buy a JCB Skidsteer?

If you need to buy a JCB Skid Steer to fulfil your construction or building [...]

Why Buy a Used Ammann Roller?

Looking at construction machinery for your next big, and upcoming project? We are here to [...]

Sales and Preparation Process of BuyADigger Machinery

So you’re looking at our used construction equipment for sale, and wondering where the construction [...]

Why Should You Buy A Telehandler?

Hello and welcome again to our BuyADigger blog. This week’s hot topic is telehandlers and [...]


Why Buy a Dumper?

Welcome to our latest Buy A Digger blog. This week our focus is on ‘Why [...]

Why Buy a JCB 3CX?

So you have a big project coming up and in order to carry out the [...]


Ex-Diggerland Skid Steers available!

Our sister company, Diggerland have recently purchased 24 new JCB SSL 135 Skid Steers from Greenshields JCB to use [...]

Hiring or Buying Construction Machinery?

Whether you are just starting out in a new business venture, or just unsure on [...]

Can BuyADigger offer delivery?

At BuyADigger, we don’t just end our services when you purchase from us. We do [...]

Are you being time effective when purchasing machinery?

When it comes to purchasing machinery, often buyers and sellers never realise how much time [...]

Advice for buying used construction machinery

Finding a specific product on the internet sounds straight forward right? Type the name of [...]

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