Scarily Good Used Construction Machinery

used construction machinery

Happy Halloween from all of us at BuyADigger! In this week’s post, we are highlighting some of our favourite, scarily good, pieces of used construction machinery we currently stock. These machines are so good you’ll want to get out working with them immediately.

For a bit of fun, we’ve hidden the names of 10 horror films in this blog post. See if you can spot them all and let us know on our socials how you do! The answers will be given at the end.

JCB Telehandlers

Telehandlers are extremely versatile pieces of machinery, and a must have for your construction site. They are essentially a fork truck, but the telescopic cylinder means they can be used more as a crane. A telehandler is definitely a machine you would want on your construction site, opposed to a forklift. The versatility and robustness, that is hereditary of the JCB brand in particular, makes it perfect for use in a variety of situations. Including on a hectic construction site to lift pallets of heavy materials. On a farm to carry large bales of hay and masses of pumpkins. Even by a roadside to lift materials to the top of the house at the end of the street.

At BuyADigger we currently have some stock of JCB telehandlers including this JCB 535-125. This is a great example of used construction machinery we currently have on offer, with many great features. Including stabilisers and turbo. Joystick control also makes IT an easy machine to operate.

jcb 535-125

Komatsu PC26 Mini Excavators

The Komatsu mini diggers are another versatile type of used construction machinery we offer at BuyADigger. PC26’s are light and compact which makes them incredibly easy to transport. Their size also makes these mini excavators ideal for construction sites with less space or for home renovations. As well as garden landscaping projects. Due to the size of a PC26, they produce much less noise than larger diggers. Making them perfect for working in a quiet place, like a residential area. Waking the dead won’t be a worry you’ll have with this machine.

Aside from great quality machines. Komatsu is also a company that has great ethics. Which is just another reason why H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland UK love this brand. The Komatsu company dedicates their time to ensuring their machines are at the highest level of safety. So when it comes to using a PC26, there should definitely be no flatliners.

Check out our great range of Komatsu PC26 machines here. All of these machines have only had one previous owner. Coming from our sister companies, H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland. They’ve been well maintained. With any wounds being fixed by the team at The Finishing Touch before being sold.

komatsu pc26 mr-3

Thwaites Site Dumpers

Site dumpers are an essential piece of machinery to have for pretty much any construction project. Dumpers are the ideal machines for carrying heavy loads of material around the construction site. They’re also often used to backfill trenches or to load trucks and skips. Although most people use them for excavations, site preparation, landscaping, and road works.

The hunt is over for the perfect dumper. At BuyADigger we stock Thwaites site dumpers and truly believe they are worth the hype. Thwaites are world leaders in the earth moving industry and specialise in only producing dumpers. Making them unlike other manufacturers who produce multiple types of machines. You get peace of mind from Thwaites that they’ve mastered the craft of designing great dumpers.

You can view full details of all Thwaites site dumpers we currently have available here. Including specifications that tell you about all the great features on these machines. Just some of the scream worthy features include: articulated 4 wheel-drive capability, 180° swivel skip technology, and easy to master controls.

thwaites 9ton dumper

Looking for something else?

Looking for some used construction machinery we haven’t mentioned in this post? Fear not! You can find our full range of available machines here.

We hope to be the final destination for your used construction machinery needs. So don’t forget that all of our machines come with the benefits of:

  • One month warranty
  • Low hours
  • Worldwide shipping

If you have any questions regarding any of our machines. Please do contact us via email at or give us a call on +44 (0) 1634 779 123.

Horror film answers

Now, the moment we know you’ve all been waiting for. Here are the horror films we hid throughout this blog post:

  1. Get Out
  2. Hereditary
  3. House At The End Of The Street
  4. IT
  5. A Quiet Place
  6. Flatliners
  7. Wounds
  8. The Craft
  9. Scream
  10. Final Destination

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