Our Top Tips To Recovering Flooded Plant Machinery

Plant machinery in the rain

As we wave goodbye to the summer in the UK, and hello to the wet weather of autumn, we welcome the countless days of consistent rain. Normally, wet weather isn’t an issue when it comes to plant machinery, however certain countries are prone to experiencing floods so it’s important to take the correct precautions to protect your machinery.

View our top tips below for looking after your plant machinery as well as why you should buy used equipment from BuyADigger.


Acting quickly with the correct procedures in place can be the difference between saving plant machinery or having to replace destroyed equipment.

If you live in China, the Netherlands, and even places such as Monaco that are prone to flooding then you will certainly make use of our top tips. 

Evaluate the situation and surrounding area

Don’t do anything drastic, take the time to evaluate the severity of the situation and plan the best course of action. We also highly advise any operators not to start any machine engines.

Disconnect the battery

Make sure the battery is disconnected as soon as possible. This will stop any electrical shorting happening, if it has already occurred. 

Make a note of damages for insurance purposes

If you’ve purchased plant machinery in the past you’ll know that it’s not a cheap purchase. We always advise our customers to purchase insurance to cover their machinery should anything go wrong. When compiling a detailed report always ensure you take photos and videos to back up your claims. 

Remove any external guards, panels and interior parts

If there are any parts that can be removed easily we advise doing so. This will hopefully save you money in the long run, when it comes to getting replacements. Any primary electric components such as alternators, sensors, controls and the starter motor will be evaluated, and either repaired or replaced due to the damage. 

Pressure wash the entire machine

Pressure washing plant machinery will remove any unwanted sand, silt and dirt from any crevices. After flooding has occurred, it is vital that the machine is not moved to a different area for washing down. Immediate damage could occur if the machine is moved.

Drain all fluids from the machine

Operators should then look into draining out all of the fluids from the machine, primarily focusing on the hydraulic system. Replacing all of the filters will also be beneficial.

Grease the entire machine

Greasing plant machinery will get rid of any sand, silt and even remaining water. This is very important to remove any remnants from the pin locations. 

Start the engine up

Once all of the other steps have been taken, the engine can be started, and the machine will be brought up to temperature. Whilst this is happening, it is important to monitor the performance, and check one function at a time. Once this is complete, all of the machine filters should be changed to avoid contamination.

It is also important to note that when a machine is submerged in a flood or extreme weather, there will be apparent electrical issues where components and connections begin to erode. It is always a good idea to contact the machine manufacturer for their advice.


We have various machines available in varying models and ages, ranging from 2 to 5 years old. When our customers purchase plant machinery from us they will have peace of mind knowing they have bought machines from a fantastic company.

As we have customers based in the UK and overseas, we do try to accommodate everyone to ensure they are able to view the machines for sale. We would be more than happy to arrange a virtual appointment for you to see the plant equipment in action. Alternatively you may also like to arrange an appointment to come and meet the team and see the plant machinery for sale in person.

All of our used plant equipment comes with the following:

  • A manufacturer’s service history
  • One month warranty on all major parts and components
  • International delivery is available
  • One previous owner
  • Resprays and repairs are completed beforehand should the machine require any touch ups

Our full stock list of machinery can be found on our website. For further machine details, contact a member of the sales team today. Call us on 01634 779123, or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram