Wheeled Excavators for Sale, and Why You Should Buy One.

Wheeled excavators for sale

Welcome to the latest Digger News post, here at BuyADigger. This week, our focus is on Wheeled Excavators. With a variety of brands and wheeled excavators for sale it can be confusing deciding on which to choose. Especially  for someone who may be new to the construction industry. Here we look at what wheeled excavators are and why would they be used. As well as the sort of projects they can be used to complete. We also delve into the Komatsu and JCB machinery brands in particular, as we have a range of used wheeled excavators for sale at BuyADigger. If you’re looking to purchase used construction machinery, then you have come to the right place!


It wouldn’t be a construction site, or even a project without some form of excavator being operated. As the most popular type of construction machinery, it is crucial to ensure you select the correct type of excavator for the job. Along with the added support and versatility of excavator attachments and buckets, excavators can be used for the following:

JCB Hydradig - Wheeled Excavator for sale

  • Landscaping projects
  • River dredging
  • Forestry clearing projects
  • Demolition
  • Material handling

When it comes to enquiring about plant machinery for sale, be careful not to confuse wheeled excavators with backhoe loaders. Most used construction machinery can complete similar jobs. So the confusion is understandable, especially when backhoe loaders and wheeled excavators are both wheeled machines. The only feature that differentiates the two machines is the additional backhoe loader, located at the rear of the machine. 


The addition of a wheeled digger on any plant fleet is a must-have. Wheeled excavators are definitely underestimated, considering how much they can actually do! 

Wheeled excavators hold many benefits and advantages over standard tracked excavators. As the name suggests a wheeled excavator differs due to the added wheels instead of steel tracks or road-liner pads. 


Wheeled diggers are not able to dig as aggressively as their fellow tracked excavators due to the amount of stability offered. However, partnered up with the correct attachments, wheel excavators become very versatile machines. When the outriggers and dozer blade are located on the ground, wheeled excavators can match the stability of tracked excavators, if not beat it. 


Have you got a project based on the roadside or somewhere with a delicate ground surface? Wheeled excavators can manoeuver comfortably over surfaces that tracked excavators wouldn’t even be able to access. An excavator with tracks would destroy the ground beneath because of the weight of the steel tracks, as well as the machine. 

Even travelling, a wheeled excavator has its perks. Tracked excavators can only reach an average of 6 mph when manoeuvering around a construction site. Whereas, wheeled excavators can potentially do around three times this speed! This proves handy when going back and forward with multiple loads of material.


Cost is usually the biggest factor when it comes to deciding which used construction machinery to purchase. As always, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to various plant equipment. Essentially it comes down to the individual to decide what suits them best. The tyres and brakes on wheeled excavators tend to last longer, depending on how the machine is being operated. They also cost less to replace and maintain in comparison to the crawler undercarriages on a tracked excavator.


Focusing specifically on a Komatsu digger for sale, we’ll look at the PW220-7 wheeled excavator as an example. We’ll take a look at the interior of the digger, as well as the features available for operators.

Wheeled excavators are operated more or less the same as a tracked excavator. There are only some minor changes to driving. If you haven’t already read our previous post focusing on tracked excavators, find out more about operating now.

As an overview, the wheeled excavator is equipped with two joysticks, either side of the driver’s seat.


The left joystick controls the turning of the machine. As well as moving the stick boom, also known as the dipper, further and closer to the cab.

The right joystick controls the movement of the main boom, additionally adjusting the positioning of the attachment. 


Cab of a JCB wheeled excavator

In comparison to a tracked excavator, the operator would make use of the pedals located in front of them. These can be operated by hand or by foot, depending on what the driver felt most comfortable with. A wheeled excavator incorporates a steering wheel instead. The steering wheel works essentially the same as if a normal car was being driven. Only the steering wheel is in operation when maneuvering around the construction site or on the road side. It is then put into the required position for operation, then the joysticks are used.


The Komatsu PW220-7 is equipped with three working modes and a lifting mode:

  • (P) Power Mode – This is the main operating mode, especially when in use for projects that involve an extensive amount of digging. The advantage of using this mode is that it maximises the production of the machine.
  • (E) Economy Mode – As the name suggests if you’re looking to use the digger in an economical way, then select this setting. It is incredibly economic with regards to fuel consumption. It is predominantly used for periods with restricted operating conditions, such as urban areas or during the night.
  • (B) Breaker Mode – This mode relates to the power behind the machine. If breaker mode is selected, it supplies hydraulic pressure when powerful digging and groundbreaking is needed.
  • (L) Lifting Mode – Are you on a building or demolition site that requires a lot of lifting and transporting? Select this mode and the lifting capacity is extended by 7%.


Komtrax is a program that will monitor and track your construction machinery. This gives complete peace of mind that your machines are secure and still in your possession. The software permits the owner to access a precise and accurate reading of the machines working times. It also looks at idle times and any other vital information that they may require.


Since the operator will be spending all of their time within the cab, it would be silly to not make it as comfortable as possible. The cab of a PW220-7 is 14% larger than the previous model, allowing the driver to recline the seat when necessary. The cab is also fitted with climate control, and is dust resistant to any exterior conditions.


With the appearance of diggers changing over time, the amount of safety features on offer have dramatically increased too. The overall shape of the cab has changed to permit the operator with a wider visibility of the area outside. It has also decreased the amount of blind spots by 34%. This guarantees a safer work site for all.


If you’re looking to buy a wheeled excavator, we have the following range of Komatsu and JCB wheeled excavators for sale here at BuyADigger:

JCB Hydradig

Due to the ever-growing popularity of Komatsu and JCB, we specialise in only stocking these brands for our excavators. In particular, we stock wheeled excavators. We like to know we are offering our customers trusted, high-quality equipment when they purchase used construction machinery from us.

As any expert operator will know, a great machine always needs great attachments and buckets. Have you considering purchasing them from us too? 


Here at BuyADigger, we work very closely with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd. We aim to provide our customers with amazing attachments to purchase along with our plant equipment. Masterhitch are the leading designer and manufacturer of digger buckets and attachments in the UK and Europe. 

With a range of standard and unique attachments available, Masterhitch can offer customers the likes of Pipe Lifters, Tree Shears and Hydra Grapple attachments. If you want to improve the versatility of your wheeled excavator, the experienced welders and sales team at Masterhitch can offer you advice should you need any guidance.


If you wish to buy a wheeled excavator, speak to the team at BuyADigger today. We have various ages of machines, with a diverse range of hours. It is incredibly likely we have a machine to suit your needs. 

You will have peace of mind knowing that all of our used construction equipment for sale has:

  • A full service history
  • Warranty on all major components
  • International Delivery is available if required
  • One previous owner, so we know the condition of the machine and where they have come from

If you would like to visit our head office in Strood, Kent, we would be more than happy to schedule an appointment. We understand that some customers will need to see the machinery in person, rather than videos and photos. 

Contact us today on: 01634 779123 or email us: mail@buyadigger.com. We look forward to hearing from you!