Why Buy a Used Ammann Roller?

Buy A Used Ammann Roller

Looking at construction machinery for your next big, and upcoming project? We are here to tell you why you might need to buy a road roller for your construction needs. With so many brands and sizes of used road rollers for sale, it may be quite confusing when trying to decide, but fear not BuyADigger are here to help and guide you however we can in the construction world.

In reality it does purely depend on different circumstances, situations and the type of work that is needed, as to what type of road roller you would need and why. We are here to explain about the different features of rollers, and what you may use a roller for, if you aren’t completely clued up on this particular type of construction machinery.


A roller, also known as a roller-compactor, is a type of construction machinery that compacts soil, gravel or other fine material by crushing and rolling over to create a smooth surface/finish. Rollers work purely by the increased amount of vibration and impact of the machinery when flattening the material.

When you are looking to buy a road roller, there are the following types available:

Used Ammann Roller

  • Smooth wheeled rollers
  • Pneumatic rollers
  • Cylindrical rollers
  • Grid rollers
  • Sheepsfoot rollers
  • Vibratory rollers, also known as Tandem Rollers.

At BuyADigger, we specialise and have a range of Ammann Tandem rollers


The very first rollers invented were actually horse drawn, these were mainly used for farming and agricultural needs, until they were replaced with steam rollers.

Steam rollers were first manufactured by a company called Aveling & Porter located right here in Rochester, Kent in the 1860s. Shortly after this time, they then started being mass manufactured by a company in the USA.

Steam rollers were very popular to use for construction projects, until the 1950s when diesel powered rollers were manufactured.


When you look to buy a used Ammann roller, Ammann are one of the world’s leading suppliers of plant machinery to the construction industry, specialising in mixing plants and rollers, typical machinery that is perfect for building and construction sites. The Ammann company is a family owned business that has been running internationally since 1869, with the first motorised Ammann road roller being produced in 1911.

Ammann rollers come with many great features including:

  • Easy operation – All Ammann rollers Ammann Rollerare designed and engineered with a lot of focus and attention on how the machinery operates. The controls are located in an easy location, an accessible operator display, obtainable drive levers, and easy access to amend the amplitude and frequency.
  • Great driver visibility – Most models are fitted with a rotating seat that will aim to provide additional visibility to the front and the back for the operator.
  • Accessibility for serving and maintenance – If you require access to the fluid ports or any maintenance points, they are easy to gain access to for servicing.


If you wish to buy a roller, we stock the following Ammann Tandem rollers:

  • Ammann ARX12 – This specific roller has a 820mm drum width, and an unobstructed view to the drums providing excellent visibility.
  • Ammann ARX26 – The Ammann ARX26 roller has a 1200mm drum width and is perfect for use at small and medium construction sites, and repair works in city centres.
  • Amman ARX36 – Has a 1300mm drum width and outside drain plugs for quick fluid changes.
  • Ammann AV12-2 – The Ammann AV12-2 roller is very similar to the ARX12 with a 820mm drum width.
  • Ammann AV26-2 – This roller has a drum width of 1200mm, along with 4 point lifting hooks for easy transportation.
  • Ammann AV33-2 – Again this roller is very similar to the ARX36 with a drum width of 1300mm.

The difference between ARX rollers and AV rollers is that all ARX rollers are fitted with roadlights. When it comes to deciding what roller you will need to buy for specific construction projects, this feature will definitely help.


If you are interested in purchasing used Ammann rollers for sale from BuyADigger, we do offer the option of UK and International Delivery to all of our customers. If this is something of interest please state this when you speak to a member of the sales team. We have delivered a range of countries including: Iceland, Norway, Kenya, USA and many more. When delivering overseas we do have a list of trusted suppliers that are experienced in the transportation of used construction machinery, so you have peace of mind that your used rollers and other machinery will be delivered to you in the same state it started in when it left our company.


H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division for H.E. group, with 10 UK depots they have a vast amount of road rollers, and other construction machinery available for hire. When the majority of the machines reach 3 years old, H.E. Group will purchase brand new machines and then the second hand diggers and machinery is then passed onto the team at BuyADigger to then sell on. H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd began with a fleet made up of purely Ammann rollers, until April 2018 when the company made the decision to invest in 100 Bomag rollers, meaning BuyADigger were handed a large number of rollers added to their stock list for selling. H.E. SERVICES now have a mixed fleet of Bomag and Ammann rollers for hire.


When you buy a roller for sale from BuyADigger, you will be receiving a machine that:

  • Has a full service history
  • One previous owner
  • One month warranty on all major parts
  • Also, the majority of our machines are on average only three years old when we get them from either, Diggerland or H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd.

If you are looking for used road rollers for sale then, take a look at the range of Ammann rollers we have available. Please speak to a member of the sales team at BuyADigger and give us a call on: 01634 779123. If you require further information on any rollers for sale please contact us.

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